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Adulthood v. The People

Wassup Mi Gente! How y’all feeling? How y’all living?
As I sat on the toilet this morning, with a fresh blunt I thought-

“This is how I know at least my body is lining up with adulthood, when you can't leave the house before your morning shit, it's like the whole day is off. Your whole equilibrium, off… Damn, now I know why people sit in here with cigarettes… feels so… adult-like.”

These days, meaning the last 7, I’ve been filled with anxiety about the way I'm living, or where I may be living soon, and rent…

BAM BAM BAM! It was 7:13am, on a Tuesday, in January. I thought someone finally stopped minding their business, and called in about the cyphers. I never answer my door. I have anxiety about it being someone I wasn't expecting. I guess I ain't living right... I did my best silent-bed roll, with all the crap on my bed, not to make a sound, and maybe whoever, obviously not the cops, will chill the fuck out. BAM BAM BAM! I quietly tripped over a pair of shoes that I wor…

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